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Cairo Local Time

Countrys Information:
Capital - Cairo (El Qahira). 
Language - Arabic is the official language. English and French are widely spoken. Religion - According to the 1986 census, over 94% of the population follows Islam; the majority of the rest is Christian. All types of Christianity are represented, especially the Coptic Christian Church. There is also a small Jewish minority. 
Time - GMT + 2

Language & communication:
Arabic is the official language. Most people, though, also understand English. It is easy to get by with English, but it is recommended to learn a few Arabic words. It acts as an ice-breaker & does elicit a smile from most Egyptians. This is not to say that Egyptians are unfriendly otherwise they are extremely friendly. Chat with everybody, from drivers, to hotel staff, to guides, it gives you a lot of insight into Egyptian life & lifestyle. Arabic is also useful in small restaurants & while travelling off the tourist path, for buying essentials. If nothing works, try sign language or sketching on a piece of paper, will works! 
Learning to recognize Arabic numbers is another life saver. All hotels prepare bills in English. Almost all restaurants too, have English menus. But, again, off the beaten path, it is in Arabic. Knowing the numbers will help you to read prices. Also, while shopping in supermarkets, buying essentials or buying munchies, it helps tremendously. Prices are marked up considerably for tourists & if you can read the Arabic price on the packing,

You can carry very little cash. It is sufficient to carry some Dollars/ Euros / Pounds to use at the airports during your flight to Egypt. Keep some more of these currencies as an emergency, to use when ATMs are not working. Also, try & get as much Egyptian Pounds (EGP) as you can before you leave for Egypt. While the exchange rate will most certainly be better in Egypt banks than where you are travelling from-you cannot be sure that you will be able to change USD or Euros at the airport - the bank  might be closed (for Fri & Sat) - so having some change can help you tide over the first couple of days. 
Inform you bank that you are travelling to Egypt & will be using your debit & credit cards. Some people may face problems while in Egypt, as their banks view this sudden use of cards in a foreign country as possible fraud, & block further card usage. This can lead you to being stuck without money, till the matter is resolved. Also, informing your bank will make them alert to any misuse of your card back home. When you make a withdrawal at an ATM, make large withdrawals rather than many small withdrawals. Most banks levy a standard processing charge for overseas withdrawal, irrespective of the amount withdrawn. This can add up to quite a bit.
It is advised to keep track of your bank balance while travelling, as sometimes, there are transaction errors. Carry at least 2 cards belonging to different banks. It will help you if you ace any problems with 1 bank.
You can use Visa, Master & Maestro cards without any problems. A 4 digit ATM pin works in Egypt as well. Please check your pin usability before you leave. Debit cards linked to savings accounts worked well. Cards linked to current accounts may not work well, as most ATMs do not give you the option to choose (current account) as (the account type).

Tipping is a sensitive issue in Egypt. Be prepared for tipping so that it does not dent your budget. Tipping is expected, whether the service is good or not. However, that does not mean you have. People are usually not averse to tipping at all, but here, something as small as pointing out the obvious.
It is nice to tip drivers at the end of the day, as you may get a different driver the next day. Guides can be tipped on the last day of their service of guidance. 
At your hotel/Nile Cruise ship: where you would eat breakfast & maybe 1 other meal, you could tip every day, to ensure good service. 
At hotels, you can also leave a tip for the cleaning staff at the end of your stay. While in restaurants that have a service charge, it is still nice to tip the waiter separately, as the service charge is distributed only at the end of the month.
at Nile Cruises: upon your check-out time in the last day after your stay onboard 3 or 4 nights, the clerk at reception shall ask you for tipping in an envelope to leave to all the cruise crew (bellman/captains/stewards/chefs/security/reception staff. during your entire stay (about 100 Egyptian pounds per person).

Clothing / Climate:
pants, with modest tops / t-shirts. Half sleeves are not a problem anywhere. 
In beaches / resorts, you can dress like you would in a beach anywhere else in the world. Sleeveless clothing is quite ok in Cairo, just remember to carry a scarf / stole to throw over your shoulders, for visits to mosques.
Check the weather when you go. Even in December, it can be quite hot during the day & cool at night. 
During the day, use a lot of sun-block, goggles & a cap / hat. 

If you plan to visit small & on-route tourist factories/shops of perfume, alabaster, papyrus, carpets etc, remember not to be forced into buying anything. 
Visiting these factories can be good, as they explain how these products are made, but, there is a lot of hard-sell. If you are uncomfortable about it, make sure you let your guide know that you do not want to go, it is okay and your rights which Guide must respect and to do so. 
If you do visit them, but are not tempted to buy anything, you can leave a tip behind for the factory / the person who showed you the demonstration, as a gesture of appreciation.


Go Travel Egypt Promising You & your Family and Friends:

** Your safety is a main and top concern while you are with us in Egypt; and we thank you for your trust and we will always find us up to this responsibility.
** All private tours, guidance, and also private transfers in very modern vans / tours with experts/ highly recommended Guides & Drivers.
** A professional, private, Egyptology, English speaking tour guides of the top guides we recommend to our respectful customers, as your private guide throughout your private tours (Guide from Cairo for Cairo And Giza & another Guide from Luxor for tours between Aswan, Abu Simbel to Luxor.
** Your guide in Aswan to Luxor (will stay at the same cruise ship to follow up all tours and pickups, this cost is included to the price quote.
** your tour guide shall recommend to you the best local restaurants (for Lunch) I can tell that you can pick up the best choice and she will accompanying you to your selected restaurant from (local and international chains) during day trip.
** We (Go Travel Egypt) are your tour operator in Egypt, so you will be much enjoyed and pleased with our services & staff at your services everywhere.

** you will have a mobile phone with Egyptian SIM number from the first day throughout all the journey to follow up with you every day about services provided as planned on itinerary.